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‘TITANS’ Could Have An LGBTQ Character Next Season

DC Universe’s breakout live-action series could be further diversifying its cast next season. Launching with a diversified cast amid controversy, Titans  has proved itself to break molds within the first two episodes released. has reported that the Titans executive producer Geoff Johns has spoken to TV Line about what is in store for the future of the series, teasing

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘TITANS’ Season One Will Consist Of 11 Episodes, Finale To Premiere Dec. 21

Over the last year, fans of DC Comics and media have been eagerly waiting for their chance to log on to the highly anticipated launch of the DC Universe, a members-only streaming service that gives access to thousands comics, movies and TV shows from the 84-year catalog of one of the oldest and largest superhero

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Details On NIGHTWING And WONDERGIRL’s Costumes In ‘TITANS’ Revealed

A hot topic of debate surrounding DC Universe’s Titans has been the look and feel of the heroes’ costumes. On one hand, characters like Robin, Hawk, and Dove have costumes with great attention to detail and near movie quality. On the other hand, characters like Raven and Starfire have much “simpler” costumes that don’t resemble their

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