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Jay Oliva Thinks Fans Would Have Loved Ben Affleck’s BATMAN Film; Joe Manganiello Agrees

It feels like every week we get new “information” on Matt Reeve’s upcoming Batman film. And while the jury is still out on what to expect from that movie, DC Animated director and storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, believes audiences and fans would have loved Ben Affleck’s film. He also goes on to call it the “best Batman

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EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Offered Multiple Roles & Increased Pay For ‘BIRDS OF PREY’

After months of speculation and rumors, Birds of Prey is finally looking to cast the main heroes. Warners Bros. is aiming high in this department as they’ve now offered singer/actress Lady Gaga a leading role in the film…if she takes it. Three weeks ago, I shared on my Twitter account after I heard from a

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OFFICIAL: ‘DC UNIVERSE’ Streaming Service Goes Live Next Month

The wait is almost over. The DC Universe streaming service, future home of the new live-action Titans series, will be launching on September 15th! It’s official! #DCUniverse is launching on September 15th on #BatmanDay! Don’t miss out on the exciting pre-order that gives you 3 months free! Become a member today! #DCULiveStream — DC Universe

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Oscar Isaac Has Met With Warner Bros. For ‘THE BATMAN’ Role

After an endless stream of speculation, rumor, and false starts, it seems as if we might finally have some concrete news on Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Omega Underground has just learned that Oscar Isaac has met with Warner Bros. regarding a potential role in the highly anticipated DCEU film. Currently, things haven’t gone beyond that single

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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Director Reed Morano Is On Top Of WB’s List To Helm ‘SUPERGIRL’

It was recently announced a Supergirl film set in the DCEU was being developed, and it seems the studio is moving quick to find a director. Committed to maintaining a female presence, cinematographer/director extraordinaire Reed Morano seems to be someone Warner Bros. is keen on hiring. According to Omega Underground, Reed Morano is not only on

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