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New ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Stills And Concept Art Give A Look At What The Zack Snyder Cut Could Have Been

It feels like DC’s Justice League only released yesterday to many an expectant fan. But for some, the film wasn’t what they had dreamed it could be, mostly due to extensive studio interference. Lots of fans have hoped that after the film’s release we would eventually see a full Zack Snyder cut without the interference of

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James Wan Teases Classic Revenge Story for ‘Aquaman’

Aquaman is one of the most anticipated movies of 2018. His appearance in Justice League was praised and criticized. Their were many complaints about his character development and only seeing Atlantis twice. This has raised eyebrows about his upcoming self titled solo film. James Wan has spoken about the film recently, and hinted at one

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Leaked ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Blu-ray Cover Art May Have Ruled Out An Alternate Cut

It seems that the Justice League Blu-ray cover art has leaked online, and based on the cover it may rule out the possibility of an alternate cut for the film. The highly anticipated DC film promised the team-up film we had all been waiting for, but sadly it has underwhelmed both critically and commercially. The film

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