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‘OUTLAW KING’ Review: “Huge Historical Epic Is Small Victory For Netflix”

Blasting its way into theaters during a slow movie season, the neo-Western brilliance of Hell or High Water took audiences by storm, leaving many wondering what the next film from director David McKenzie would bring. The answer is Outlaw King, a historical epic set in 1300s Scotland. As ambitious a project for distributor Netflix as it is a

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‘VENOM’ Review: “Tom Hardy Single-Handedly Saves This Mess”

The writing was on the wall for Venom before the cameras even started rolling. Producer Avi Arad has made a series of questionable decisions with Sony’s catalog of Marvel characters. After shoving Eddie Brock/Venom into Spider-Man 3 and attempting to build a shared universe with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Arad decided to combine these two ideas to make a movie

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