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EXCLUSIVE: John Boyega To Produce A TV Series For ‘ATTACK THE BLOCK’ Production Company

Everyone’s favorite former Stormtrooper, John Boyega, made his way to Washington D.C. this weekend for its annual comic convention Awesome Con. During an interview with the press team for the con, which our team was granted access to, Boyega revealed what his upcoming projects are, which included taking on another producer role. Boyega has been

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EXCLUSIVE: Details Emerge on Thor’s New Weapon in ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’

Now that we have all seen Thor: Ragnarok and the many trailers leading up to it we know a major plot thread of that movie is Thor loses his iconic hammer Mjolnir when it’s decimated by the Goddess of Death, Hela. When we all learned Thor loses his famous weapon fans immediately began speculating if, when, and how

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