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‘BUMBLEBEE’ Movie Review: The Best Transformers Film Yet

We’ve seen Micheal Bay’s Transformers saga. It was beautiful, visually stunning, and also an ambitious story that trickles away as it goes on. There was always one character that stood out the entire series, Bumblebee. The first thing I thought about when the film was announced was a soft reboot. Which is pretty much what

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‘MOWGLI’: Jungle Book The Way It Was Intended To Be Seen

We all know the story of the Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. How the Man-Cub brought peace to the jungle. We’ve seen Disney’s iterations of the story. The original 1967 (also Jungle Book 2 released in 2003) version of the story that inspired Disney’s beautiful live-action film that released in 2016 directed by Jon Favreau, and

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‘OUTLAW KING’ Review: “Huge Historical Epic Is Small Victory For Netflix”

Blasting its way into theaters during a slow movie season, the neo-Western brilliance of Hell or High Water took audiences by storm, leaving many wondering what the next film from director David McKenzie would bring. The answer is Outlaw King, a historical epic set in 1300s Scotland. As ambitious a project for distributor Netflix as it is a

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