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CW President Confirms BATMAN Is Not Coming To The Arrowverse

There has been long speculation that Batman would be making an appearance on CW’s Arrowverse. Over the last several seasons, there have been many references to the caped crusader including a direct name drop from Oliver Queen in Arrow, so it is already established that the character exists in that universe. There is also a Batwoman

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Supernatural S. 13, Ep. 2 ‘Rising Son’ Recap/Review

Last week on Supernatural, we got fully introduced to Lucifer’s son, Jack. His mother, Tiffany, taught him things before he was born. Who he was, that he was special, among other things. He was wondering, running, looking for Castille. We also saw Castille presumably dead, laying on a bed in a house surrounded by Angels.

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LA Rapper Krondon cast as Tobias Whale in Black Lightning

CW is adding another Superhero drama to the network, and we keep getting more casting news constantly. Today, we get more casting news for Black Lightning. Marvin Krondon Jones III has been cast as Tobias Whale, leader of the 100 gang. Krondon has appeared on Harry’s Law, but this is his first big TV role.

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