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James Wan Teases Classic Revenge Story for ‘Aquaman’

Aquaman is one of the most anticipated movies of 2018. His appearance in Justice League was praised and criticized. Their were many complaints about his character development and only seeing Atlantis twice. This has raised eyebrows about his upcoming self titled solo film. James Wan has spoken about the film recently, and hinted at one

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Individuals Inside Warner Brothers Reportedly Feel Geoff Johns Demotion Was a “Scapegoat”

As a result of the critical backlash from Justice League, WB seems to be scrambling to restructure DC Films Operations and some inside sources claim that not all these changes are warranted. Geoff Johns, who  works directly with DC comics and DC President Diane Nelson, and has contributed to DC’s television properties, publishing, and consumer products

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Casting call for ‘DC’s Titans’ Reveals Show’s First Villain

Casting calls have long been a resource for fans and journalists alike to find out information about upcoming movies and films before official announcements are made. And for DC’s upcoming live-action series based on the Teen Titans, the story is no different as a recent casting call for the first episode of the adaption reveals

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Mister Miracle #1 Spoiler-Free Review

Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ first issue in their Mister Miracle miniseries is not one to be forgotten. The series focuses on Mister Miracle (Scott Free) at a painful and scary point in his life, examining his mental state. The superhero’s ability is he can escape anything and it quickly becomes clear that King will twist that

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Final Pages of Batman #24 Revealed, Contain SPOILER

Batman and Catwoman have had an on-off relationship, switching between being friends (often more than friends) and foes. But in this week’s Batman issue, a major change comes for the two, that will wrap up in the following issue in two weeks. The following article contains spoilers for Tom King’s run on Batman (2016).

Cyborg and the Symbolic Forfeiture of Blackness

John Semper Jr.’s Cyborg run is important for its societal implications and social commentary. Specifically, a scene in Cyborg (2016) #5, which takes less than ten pages to tell, interrupts the main plot of the ongoing series and places the reader in a situation that can remove comfort, disrupting the tone of the series by bringing

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