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‘ZOMBIELAND 2’ May Release In 2019 Ten Years After The Original

Over the past decade at least we have seen a large wave of zombie TV shows and films. These films/TV shows have come in the forms of The Walking Dead, iZombie, Fear the Walking Dead, World War Z, I Am Legend, Maze Runner, among others. In the course of those years, we also received Zombieland.

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Stephen Glover Reveals Taylor Swift Episode May Have Been Final Straw For ‘DEADPOOL’ Animated Series

Were you awake when Donald Glover tweeted out his script for an episode of FX’s canceled Deadpool animated series? The script was fake of course, it seems as Glover had just written it to show how busy he wasn’t. It was absolutely hilarious and has so many puns, quips, and references that literally made you

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‘Deadpool’ Creator Shares Thoughts on Disney/Fox Deal 

Today, Disney acquired Fox in one of the most historic mergers in history. There have been many internet users expressing their feelings about Disney and rated ‘R’ films. Bob Iger has commented on the matter, and he got Rob Liefeld’s attention. Rob Liefeld is the man that created Deadpool. He is very adamant about how his characters and

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