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Black Panther’s Shuri Joins Infinity War

Black Panther’ s little sister has joined Inifinity War. This adds even more star power to an already stacked cast. The hype over Infinity War is real, and growing. We are growing closer and closer to the Marvel Studios mega event everyday. This news just makes the excitement grow, more of the Royal Wakandan Family will appear

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Joe Russo on the Hardships of Infinity War

Ever since May 2nd, 2008 the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a tear through Hollywood. They’ve released 16 (going to be 17 in November) movies up until this point. The way the movies are formatted, they’ve continued an amazing story. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios has been the guy behind the scenes;

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Marvel to Release 5000+ Page ‘INFINITY’ Hardcover Collection, Preorders Currently 30% Off

Marvel has revealed they’ll be releasing a hardcover box set of “Infinity Gauntlet,” “Infinity War,” and “Infinity Crusade” that includes the prologues, main story, crossovers, aftermath, and companion. The collection is to be released next year and is currently available for preorder.