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On ‘MAN OF STEEL’, The Most Misunderstood Comic Book Movie Of All-Time

Following the news that Henry Cavill was stepping away from the role of Superman, one’s mind couldn’t help but wander to the infamous incarnations of the character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League. After all, they are both the most recent adaptations of Kal-El and the movies that most appropriately define DC’s cinematic shortcomings,

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Henry Cavill Says He has One More Movie On His Contract in the DCEU

Justice League came blasting into theaters this past weekend, and the fans finally got a full blown comic book Superman. Henry Cavill, who has played Superman since Man of Steel, was interviewed by LA Times recently. In the interview he spoke about how he was satisfied with Superman in Justice League, and his movie contract within the

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Charles Roven Says “There is No Script for ‘Man of Steel 2′”

Justice League hit theaters today, and the response among critics and fans are beyond mixed. There are many complaints, but far more loving qualities. Hearing that Superman’s trilogy arc is complete leads to one question… “When will Man of Steel 2 be ready?” Well, according to Charles Roven, don’t expect a sequel to Man of Steel anytime soon.

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