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‘BIRDS OF PREY’ Writer Addresses Bold Screenplay Title

When actress Margot Robbie unveiled the full title of the forthcoming Birds of Prey film on her Instagram account in November, more than a few people scoffed at its lengthiness. Conjuring visions of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, the DC superheroine flick written by BumbleBee screenwriter Christina Hodson was revealed

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Individuals Inside Warner Brothers Reportedly Feel Geoff Johns Demotion Was a “Scapegoat”

As a result of the critical backlash from Justice League, WB seems to be scrambling to restructure DC Films Operations and some inside sources claim that not all these changes are warranted. Geoff Johns, who  works directly with DC comics and DC President Diane Nelson, and has contributed to DC’s television properties, publishing, and consumer products

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‘STEP’ Spoiler-Free Review

Ranging in powerful emotions from pain to pride, STEP showcases the spectacular true story of young Baltimore high school girls balancing college applications, their school step team, and challenges of lower-income Baltimore life. But where STEP hits it out of the park with heart, it falters with less focus on choreography, performance, or teamwork. 

Joe Russo on the Hardships of Infinity War

Ever since May 2nd, 2008 the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a tear through Hollywood. They’ve released 16 (going to be 17 in November) movies up until this point. The way the movies are formatted, they’ve continued an amazing story. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios has been the guy behind the scenes;

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New ‘Justice League’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailers Possibly Attached To The Theatrical Release Of ‘Dunkirk’

In the tweet under, you could see that `Blade Runner 2049` and `Justice League trailers are attached to Dunkirk, the picture was posted in a tweet by Irish Film Institute. Here is the tweet that confirmed the trailers attached https://twitter.com/IFI_Dub/status/885166356383092737 However, it’s unknown at this time whether new or old trailers. It seems like we

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