Just Let Marvel Netflix Cross Over To The Other Side

What if I told you that Daredevil Season 3 would feature a resurrected-from-the-dead Matt Murdock, the return and rise of the true Kingpin, and the introduction of a pathological Bullseye — but that they would all take a backseat to… Agent Nadeem? And therein lies the problem with all of the speculation claiming that Disney

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‘STEP’ Spoiler-Free Review

Ranging in powerful emotions from pain to pride, STEP showcases the spectacular true story of young Baltimore high school girls balancing college applications, their school step team, and challenges of lower-income Baltimore life. But where STEP hits it out of the park with heart, it falters with less focus on choreography, performance, or teamwork. 

Mister Miracle #1 Spoiler-Free Review

Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ first issue in their Mister Miracle miniseries is not one to be forgotten. The series focuses on Mister Miracle (Scott Free) at a painful and scary point in his life, examining his mental state. The superhero’s ability is he can escape anything and it quickly becomes clear that King will twist that

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