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Sam Witwer Cast As Agent Liberty in ‘SUPERGIRL’

Supergirl is entering its fourth season. The production has recently begun, and a new character has been added to the show. Sam Witwer has been cast as a series regular on the show. Witwer will play Agent Liberty. Created by Dan Jurgens, Agent Liberty first appeared in DC Comics Superman Vol. 2 #60 in October

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Supergirl S. 3, Ep. 2 ‘Triggers’ Review

Yesterday’s episode of Supergirl capitalizes off of last week’s episode. The episode opens with another happy scene. We get Kara dreaming of Mon-El (He’s talking about Romeo and Juliet), Maggie and Alex waking up. We also get another glimpse of Samantha AKA Reign. We get to hear her explain what happened last week to her

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‘Supergirl’: S. 3, Ep. 1 Review – ‘Girl of Steel’

Last night we got to see the premiere of Supergirl’s third season! This season of Supergirl looks to be another really amazing season, with a really good plotline. We’ve seen Supergirl battle a Kryptonian, Daxamites, and a slew of other villains. She also usually has a human nemesis as well; those have included Maxwell Lord

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