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“THE FLASH” Season 5 Episode 10 – “Seeing Red”

Whereas the last episode of The Flash was “The Nora Show” this week’s episode brings Barry back into the spotlight and gives our favorite anti-hero KIller Frost some of her first big story moments of the season. It also gives us a great look at the metahuman criminal scene with some returning characters and personalities

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‘THE FLASH’ Season 5 Episode 10 “The Flash & The Furious” Recap/Review

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, or so he keeps telling us every week. Personally, I think that The Flash is maybe the CW’s most inconsistent show, mostly because they have a formula and they stick to it. There’s a mystery villain with a secret identity, there’s a new character who joins the team

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‘ELSEWORLDS’ Crossover Set Photos Feature Barry & Oliver In Swapped Roles

This year, there are many things happening in the Arrowverse. The biggest thing is the annual crossover. The crossover, titled Elseworlds  will feature Ruby Rose premiering as Batwoman. Also, the crossover will have Barry and Oliver swapped as heroes. Yes, Barry will be the Green Arrow, and Oliver will be the Flash. This has raised

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The Flash #35 Review (SPOILERS)

The Flash #35 DC Comics Written by: Michael Moreci & Joshua Williamson Art by: Pop Mhan Colors by: Ivan Plascencia Letters by: Steve Wands There’s a new speedster villain in town and she ain’t messing around. Someone who Flash once trusted has turned against him in a plot for revenge. (SPOILERS) Meena is back as

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‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Costumes Displayed at Licensing Expo 2017

This week, costumes for the upcoming Justice League movie are on display in Las Vegas. The city is hosting the 2017 Licensing Expo and Warner Bros. is bringing its own section dedicated to the movie’s promotion. Pictures have been released of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash.

DC’s Dark Knights: Metal- It’s Gonna Be Big

DC’s Rebirth has been wildly successful, with both high ratings and high sales (1). “And when things are up, it’s a good time to take risks,” says Scott Snyder, who is heading DC’s next big thing: Metal (2). Dark Knights: Metal is an upcoming August event featuring some of the biggest names in the DC

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