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‘DOOM PATROL’ Pilot Review: DC Universe’s Next Big Hit Has Arrived

The Doom Patrol may be one of DC’s lesser-known superhero teams, but they shine whenever they get the spotlight. They made their live-action debut in Titans last year in one of the season’s best episodes. Now they have their own show and it is exactly what it is supposed to be: weird, fun, emotional, and downright crazy. Advertisements

“THE FLASH” Season 5 Episode 10 – “Seeing Red”

Whereas the last episode of The Flash was “The Nora Show” this week’s episode brings Barry back into the spotlight and gives our favorite anti-hero KIller Frost some of her first big story moments of the season. It also gives us a great look at the metahuman criminal scene with some returning characters and personalities

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‘THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY’ Review: Netflix’s Next Big Thing Has Arrived

Have you ever thought mainstream superheroes were too mundane? Do you find yourself feeling comic book movie fatigue? Well, I have just the remedy for you. Hailing from showrunner Steve Blackman, The Umbrella Academy releases on Netflix February 15th. I had the opportunity to watch the first seven episodes of the series, so let’s get into

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‘GOTHAM’ Season 5 Episode 3 – “Penguin, Our Hero” Recap/Review

Oh Gotham, where to even start with you? Genuine question here, as this show is so batshit crazy that it’s hard not to just sound like I’m writing a James Joyce stream of consciousness fanfiction about Batman villains. For examples of how crazy this show is you can go back and read my previous two

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‘THE FLASH’ Season 5 Episode 10 “The Flash & The Furious” Recap/Review

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, or so he keeps telling us every week. Personally, I think that The Flash is maybe the CW’s most inconsistent show, mostly because they have a formula and they stick to it. There’s a mystery villain with a secret identity, there’s a new character who joins the team

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‘DEADLY CLASS’ Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Recap/Review

The year is 1987, or at least the year is 1987 in SyFy’s new original series: Deadly Class. The show is based on the comic book of the same name by Rick Remender and Wesley Craig about a school full of assassins, destined to kill bankers, CEOs and world leaders. This show has another link

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‘GOTHAM’ Season 5 Episode 2 – “Trespassers” Recap/Review

So much happened in this week’s Gotham I’m going to get straight into it: The episode opens in the GCPD exactly where we left off with Gordon, Bullock and the slave boy who escaped the Soothsayers in last week’s episode. Gordon is set on rescuing the rest of the slave kids and starts pulling together

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‘THE PUNISHER’ Season 2 Non-Spoiler Review: “Not Bad, But Not Great Either”

After Jon Bernthal’s debut as Frank Castle In Daredevil, he’s been a fan-favorite ever since. We got the first season of The Punisher and that was met with high praise: the action, performances, and political commentary all being highlights. Anticipation for the next season has been at an all-time high especially after the recent Marvel Netflix

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