The Flash #30 Review (SPOILERS)

The Flash is back this week and he encounters a blood thirsty villain out to become one of his fiercest foes. Barry Allen is still dealing with his negative speed force powers and it’s causing a big problem with his personal and professional life. It’s just another week for our favorite scarlet speedster…


He looks pretty angry…

This week’s issue is another solid entry into the series. The writing is once again very solid, and the art matches it perfectly. The last one had a great mix of detective work and action, this one follows similarly. Barry is really feeling the effects from the negative speed force this time around, and it causes him to rage out at the workplace. This causes a dent in the investigative process, but in turn we get an emotional moment between Barry and his co-worker Kristen that was very well done.


It peeled back the layers of a side character that didn’t have that much development, and I appreciated that. Williamson gave her more depth and it made me more interested in the forensic part of Barry’s life. Focusing on this part of his life has turned out pretty great, and I’m really loving the moments we’re getting.

A new villain is introduced called Ramsey aka Bloodwork, and he makes Barry’s life miserable very quickly. He’s a hemophiliac, meaning his blood doesn’t clot normally and any small cut he could bleed to death. After trying to find a cure, he coincidentally gained the powers to control other people’s blood. Whenever he’s controlling Flash via his blood, you can almost feel it when reading it. It makes a tense scene more intense, and I caught myself cringing various times.


My only complaint was how Ramsey literally explained his whole backstory to Flash, just dropping large amounts of exposition. The dialogue itself is engaging, but I couldn’t help but feel like it could’ve been better handled. This was probably done to shorten the story overall, as Barry has plenty of other things to worry about.

This week’s issue was very solid, had one or two problems with it but I really can’t complain that much. After the disappointing finale to the Reverse-Flash story arc I think the series is back to form. The art is fun yet exciting, and it captures the feel of the narrative very well.

Rating: 8.5/10

– Marcos Melendez

SIDE NOTE: BloodWork looks so weird and creepy….


3 thoughts on “The Flash #30 Review (SPOILERS)

    1. The way he got the powers is a bit unclear, but he became a villain when he tried to cover his track by trying to kill everyone that was catching on to his experiments. From there, I think that his past as being very separate from the world due to his condition, caused him to have this sort of reaction when given these powers.


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