A Solo ‘CYBORG’ Movie Is Reportedly In The Works According To Silas Stone Actor Joe Morton

After last years rather divisive Justice League, many fans were left wondering where the DC universe was headed. But one hope that seemed to be shared by a large number of fans is the possibility of a solo Cyborg film, starring Ray Fisher as the iconic character. Now according to Joe Morton who played Dr. Silas Stone, the film is in the works.

In the early days of the DCU the film was slated for a 2020 release but as of late we have had no updates on the project as Warner Bros. has not included it in their most recent film slate. But in an ET exclusive, Joe Morton has told them that the film is a possibility. Morton has said that,

“From what I understand, there will be a Cyborg movie. It will be about him and I, and about the family that he came from, how he becomes the Cyborg, et cetera. But from whence he came, as well.”

This would be an interesting idea as it seemed Justice League has already dealt with this story to a point. It does raise the question of how far back the film would go before Victor Stone became Cyborg and how it would leave him at the end since he found himself at a rather low point in Justice League.

Morton also commented on what this film would mean in a cultural sense,

“I think it’s very exciting. I think it’s exciting because there aren’t that many, if any, black superheros, and in his case in particular, because there is no alias, because there is nothing for him to hide behind, and that he has to be who he is all the time. I think it’s a great kind of allegory for what it means to be black in this country.”

It is also important to note that Morton has a three-picture deal with the DCU, his first appearance being Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, his second Justice League, and the third most likely being the Cyborg film.

Would you still be interested in seeing a solo Cyborg film? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: ET


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