Redneck #1 review

‘Redneck’, Image’s newest story is a fabulous book. The story and the art are so unique it makes ‘Redneck’ a great story. 

The comic starts with explaining the premise of the story; a family of vampires that have seen and lived through many years on their ranch in Texas.

redneck 2

The family run a cattle farm on their ranch and that is also how they drink blood as well. The story starts on Christmas Eve and some of the yonger vampires in the family want to go out for the night and enjoy themselves. You get introduced to a few of the characters right away including the main chatacter named Bartlett, many people look up to him as he is one of the older vampires in the family.

redneck 1

When the younger members go to leave another family member warns them to not get into any trouble but mainly not to kill anyone. Bartlett then follows the youngsters to be sure they don’t get into trouble but what he finds is in fact, trouble. When Bartlett finally finds the young boys they are facing a rival family, ywe do not know much about this rival family or even if they are vampires but all that we know is that they hate each other. Bartlett tells the young boys to scram to which Bartlett gets ready to fight the rivals. The story then contines and you see Bartlett laying on the back patio of the ranch house, he does not remember what happened but the members of the family are upset at what did happen. I won’t spoil it but it setsup for a major conflict most likely to be seen in issue number two. redneck 3.jpg

This issue was mainly used for setup and introduction but with already seeing a fleshed out story and unique artwork as well as a great story so far it is one of the best issue number ones I have read.

Rating 8/10

-Jordan Humphrey


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