Month: July 2018

Is Scott Derrickson Teasing A ‘DOCTOR STRANGE 2’ Announcement?

With the digital release of Avengers: Infinity War today, eyes look to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s wide array of characters. With one of those new characters being Stephen Strange, also known as Doctor Strange. Now, the director of  Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson, is teasing a possible start date to the sequel via Instagram. View

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‪REPORT: There Is A Growing Feeling That James Gunn Could Be Reinstated At Marvel ‬

With the whirlwind of controversy surrounding the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy and its director, there are now sources alluding to the very possible reinstatement of James Gunn. According to Variety, the outpour of support from the cast with their open letter yesterday has seemingly given the last big push towards the director’s current status with Disney/Marvel.

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BREAKING: The Cast Of ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Release Letter Calling For The Reinstatement Of James Gunn‬

All silence has officially broken. The entire Guardians of the Galaxy has released an open letter about the rehiring of currently disgraced director, James Gunn. After multiple tweets from various cast members in the past ten days alluding towards a defense of the cast’s beloved director, there is now an open campaign to have James Gunn rehired.

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