Month: February 2019

‘STAR TREK’ Animated Show In The Works For Nickelodeon

The Star Trek renaissance continues to grow. The franchise has seen a revitalization on streaming platform CBS All Access since it’s flagship show Star Trek: Discovery premiered in Fall 2017. Since then Alex Kurtzman, writer/producer of the recent films, has confirmed three more series. A next generation sequel series starring Patrick Stewart’s Picard, a spinoff Section 31, and

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‘HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U’ Review: “More Laughs And A Sci-Fi Twist Make For A Superior Sequel”

5 seconds- that’s all it takes for Happy Death Day 2U to let the audience know it’s going to be a very different type of sequel. Whereas the first film begins with the Universal Pictures logo repeating itself over and over again, this one features the same logo splitting into three separate logos, clue-ing us in that

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