Batman #25 Review: “The War of Jokes and Riddles” Part 1 (NO SPOILERS)

The last issue ended on a romantic cliffhanger, and it seems like we won’t be finding out what happens after for a little bit. This week’s focus is on a story between two famous villains of the Bat. The Joker and The Riddler, butting heads. (NO SPOILERS)

The latest storyline is a gigantic flashback, complete with narration from Batman himself. The Riddler is in prison, struggling with how he can solve every riddle…except Batman. The Joker, is at the same time trying to laugh, and knows he can only let out a giggle if he kills the Bat. The issue focuses on those two things, the motivations for Nigma and Joker to feel complete. It’s dark, bloody, with Nigma stabbing someone 26 times, and Joker shooting everyone that fails to make him laugh.


I was actually surprised how grim and depressing this issue was, with the art done very well by Mikel Janin. Tom King does a great job setting up the upcoming story that will be told by Batman, making the reader know why and how these infamous villains think the way they do. The issue isn’t perfect of course, and I have a few gripes with it.

The last issue ended in a cliffhanger, we won’t be finding out what happens in a while so that’s disappointing. At the same time, it seems like this villain vs villain will shape up to be a great story and I’m King has something planned by the end of it. The issue is also pretty short, or at the very least is easy read and really just sets up the plot going forward. I would have liked bit more, for lack of a better word, meat to grab unto before moving straight into the events of the past.

In conclusion, there’s a lot to be excited for what is to come. The Joker going up against The Riddler is a great idea and their interactions are worth buying the issue alone. I really want to find out what happened after the previous issue but I’m fine with a solid story for now.

Rating 8/10 “Solid”

Marcos Melendez

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