Netflix releases Narcos season 3 trailer

Today, Netflix has finally released the trailer of the upcoming season of Narcos due out September 1, 2018. The trailer is action packed, and gives us a better look at the Cali Cartel. The Cali Cartel’s run was from 1977-1998. The Cali Cartel is run by the four kings Damian Alcazar as Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, Francisco Denis as Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, Alberto Ammann as Pacho Herrera, and Pepe Rapazote as Chepe Santacruz Londono. 

After the death of Pablo Escobar in season 2 of Narcos, many wondered what direction the show would head. The show was essentially based on Pablo and the Medillen Cartel for the first two seasons, so you can see where the confusion may come from. There are many drug dealers/cartels in the realm that you can use to continue the show. If you watch the show close enough, there was always a group in the background; plotting and waiting on Escobar to fall. Insert the Cali Cartel, one of the most notorious drug dealer cartels in Latin America. They were plotting to overthrow Escobar for the better portion of season 2 of Narcos, but the DEA took care of that. They will be our central antagonist for Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) in season 3 of Narcos. 

“Try to go through the Cali bosses, all you’ll end up with  are more bodies,” Peña is warned. “These guys don’t make mistakes.”
trailer sees the Cali Cartel running things in Colombia and also in New York City. Escobar made money running drugs in America, but it seems season three of Narcos will literally have the bad guys on U.S. soil. 

Narcos has also added Matias Varela, Micheal Stahl-David, Miguel Angel Silvestre, and Arturo Castro to the cast for the new season. 

Season 3 of Narcos will be available to stream on Netflix September 1st. 

Source: Variety

– Rascal F. Kennedy

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