The Flash #33 Review “Bats Out Of Hell” Part 1 (SPOILERS)

This week is a METAL tie-in with The Flash and it plays a pretty important part in the story. Completely taking a break from the main storyline from the series, we get a small part of the epic war raging between the Dark Knights from the dark multiverse and the world. Although it isn’t up to par as some of the recent issues, but I give my thoughts on what works and doesn’t.



Even though this is a tie-in to a huge event like METAL, it still has a good amount of focus on Flash. The “Bats from hell” have invaded earth and it’s up the every hero to help to defeat these new foes. The main line of defense is the Justice League, so naturally a lot of the focus is on them. In the very beginning, Flash is shown helping Superman get into the dark multiverse to find Batman. From there the rest of the league split up with other heroes to try to stop this evil force.

It’s fun to read and entertaining as hell, but it is lacking in a few departments. The whole issue feels short and almost like a filler issue. There are great moments, some important to the story, but for the most part it felt a bit empty. The art is fantastic and it brings it together, yet there’s this feeling of slight disappointment of the final product. For example, Red Death who is Bruce Wayne turned an evil speedster, isn’t really shown confronting Flash much at all. I wanted more from them and I figured this would be the perfect time but it gives more time to other Dark Knights. I was waiting for some cool fighting between them, I guess I may have to wait longer for that.

At the end of the day, it felt like a filler for the METAL storyline but it had some worthwhile moments. The art is utterly great once again and really matches what Flash is all about. The event has been pure fun so far beside some issues I’ve had with it. The timeline of everything isn’t clear but I hope it’ll be addressed soon in this series. I felt a bit disappointed with what we got, I still hope though that it will get better soon.

Rating: 7/10

– Marcos Melendez


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