Why Spider-Man Should Team Up With Daredevil In The ‘Homecoming’ Sequel

When Marvel announced that another MCU hero would be starring in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, fans immediately started speculating on who it would be. Many have been thinking that it could be Captain America or Ant Man, but I think that the perfect character to star alongside Spider-Man is Daredevil.

It would be the perfect way to mix the Netflix shows with the movies.

It’s pretty well known that the Netflix shows are in the MCU, but it doesn’t look like there’s any plans to mix them, which is a wasted opportunity. If Daredevil crossed over with Spider-Man, it would open the door up to so many more opportunities in the already huge Marvel Universe.


They both fight street level crime in New York. 

Both Spider-Man and Daredevil focus on cleaning up the streets of New York, as apposed to the heroes like Iron Man that focus on the bigger, worldly threats. It would be so easy to have them run into each other while attempting to stop the same robbery.

They have different viewpoints on life.

It’s apparent from the show that Daredevil has a gritty, dark outlook on life. He knows that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and the things he does has consequences. Spider-Man is much younger and still has a pretty happy outlook on life. For the most part, he likes being a hero because it’s fun, and so far he hasn’t had many bad things happen to him (with the exception of Uncle Ben). Daredevil could show Spider-Man that things don’t always end up being okay. He could show Spider-Man the darker side of New York and show him that heroes have to make tough, dark decisions sometimes, and they can’t always be joking around. On the flip side, though, Spider-Man could show Daredevil that being a hero can have fun moments. Daredevil is mostly dark and serious throughout the series, and Spider-Man could help him have a laugh or two along their journey.


They could make Wilson Fisk the villain!

I imagine that Daredevil and Spidey would run into each other while attempting to stop the same robbery. But Daredevil doesn’t usually care about robberies like Spider-Man does, so why would he care about this one? They could make it so that the robbers are Wilson Fisk’s men, and Daredevil’s been going after them for a while now. At this robbery, though, Spider-Man shows up because that’s the type of crime he stops. They run into each other and have to stop the crime together. After some bickering, Daredevil informs Spider-Man of Wilson Fisk and they team up to stop him. Wilson Fisk is easily one of the best villains in the MCU, and he often fights Spider-Man in the comics so he would make a great antagonist of the movie. He also wouldn’t need as much backstory since he’s already been established.



They would have good banter. 

After they run into each other at the robbery, Daredevil would probably try to get away from Spider-Man, and Spider-Man would no doubt follow him and annoy him as well. “How’d you get blind?” “Why do you fight with sticks?” “How do you put clothes on in the morning?” They could then have a quick fight and then Daredevil would reluctantly let Spider-Man tag along with him.


They could deal with the aftermath of Infinity War.

Kevin Feige stated that the Homecoming sequel will take place right after Avengers 4. This would be a great opportunity to show the damage and aftermath of the inevitable climactic battle. One of the big complaints of comic book movies is that there is often mindless destruction. This was addressed in Civil War, but the Homecoming sequel could show the street level, personal aftermath of the battle. Spidey and Daredevil could team up to clean up the streets and stop all the crime that’s probably taking place. It would be great to show Spider-Man dealing with a worldwide tragedy in Avengers 4 and then show him dealing with the consequences in his solo outing. We could also get some insight on Daredevil’s point of view of the battle.


Realistically though, I don’t think we’ll see Daredevil teaming up with Spidey or any other Avengers any time soon, even though it would be a perfect opportunity. Who do you think will team up with Spider-Man in his sequel?

Caleb Sadd


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