‘THE GIFTED’ S1 EP. 8 “threat of eXtinction” Recap/Review

As ‘The Gifted’ heads into its two week hiatus, this weeks episode takes the show to new heights. We learn some interesting new developments involving the Strucker family and their lineage, as well as taking a look into one of Sentinel Services’ mutants. Episodes like these are tone/plot setters for a show, and this episode accomplishes such feats without making the viewer bored.

‘threat of eXtinction’ did not rely on a big action set piece like past episodes have, but it did showcase some mutant powers, as this has become (and should be) the staple of the series. It focused more on some interesting developments, especially that of the Strucker family heritage.


This episode was really well executed and serves as an exhibition to the writing of the show. This is due to that the episode just focuses on the characters and plot points, as it doesn’t rely on a big action set piece as other episodes have. The reveal of the Strucker family lineage and how Reed was suppressed of his powers early on in life made for some captivating television. I couldn’t help but being glued to the television whenever we got some more info, even Reed’s father had powers and we see him sacrifice himself for the good of his son. What makes this better and a heartwarming moment is that they shared an “estranged” relationship if you want to put it that way, and that moment served as a redeeming moment and restoration of their father/son relationship.

We also learn of the great power that Andy and Lauren posses, and how together they can be INCREDIBLY powerful. This should make for an interesting combination in the episodes to come. Another aspect the show focused on was  that of a mutant captured by Sentinel Services.


We saw as how the crew tried to basically cure her of a drug addiction, trying to make her an ally and to grab some more information about their enemies. She ultimately dies, but not before she mentions a little about the plan for mutants to go undercover. This basically served to further advance the story and to add depth to characters, as they had treated Chloe as a enemy rather than an asset, leading to discussions between the team.

Lastly, Lorna and Marcos finally reconciled after last episodes cartel fiasco. I have always enjoyed their on-screen relationship, as it feels natural and the actors have some great chemistry between them. I just hope that the relationship doesn’t grow stale or just gruesome as seen in other shows (you hear me Olicity).

“threat of eXtinction” was a great episode that shows the power the show has. It relied on some great character moments and reveals while advancing the story without the usage of a big action set piece like other episodes, pacing being its biggest enemy. This episode keeps adding to what is shaping up to be a stellar first season.

GRADE: 9/10

‘The Gifted’ airs Mondays at 8/7 ET on FOX.



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