BREAKING: The Full ‘VENOM’ Trailer Has Leaked Online!

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The internet got a small leak of the new Venom trailer showing Eddie Brock with the full symbiote, but just now, the entire trailer has leaked. The trailer shows much more of Venom than the first trailer and gives a better idea of what the story may be.

Watch the trailer below before it gets taken down!

The trailer starts with similar shots from the first one. It shows the crash site of the symbiote and shows the Life Foundation recovering it. We then get to see Eddie Brock investigating some shady people with his job as a reporter.

After being called in from the Life Foundation to study the symbiote, Eddie Brock starts experiencing abnormal movements and voices in his head. As people attack him, the symbiote defends him, and while we don’t get to see the full look yet, it still looks great and sounds like classic Venom.

Eddie Brock struggles to gain control of his body with the symbiote inside it. After a few more action clips, we finally get to see Venom in all his glory. They say the iconic phrase, “We are Venom” just before attacking someone.

This trailer has definitely reassured some of my concerns with the movie, and I can’t wait to see how it looks in HD.

The trailer was supposed to debut in the coming weeks, but it may be released sooner because of this leak. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Let us know on Twitter @SuperBroMovies. –Caleb Sadd

Venom is set to release in theaters on October 5th.



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