DC Universe Promises To Be The ‘Ultimate DC Membership’; Announces Full Slate Of Features

It’s a nerd’s paradise. A first-of-its-kind digital experience designed for DC fans. A wonderland filled with exclusive content streaming straight to the device of your choosing.

Launching some time in August, the DC Universe has finally shed some light of the format and the content coming to the streaming service. Let’s take a look at what fans are going to be getting for their money in just a few month’s time.

First, these exclusive original series’ are the stuff dreams are made of. Fans will be able to gain access to a bevy of new shows. From the animated shows like ‘Harley Quinn’ and the highly anticipated third season of ‘Young Justice,’ fans will be able to dive back into the highly coveted and successful animated section of the DC Universe any time they want. Along with the original animated content, DC Universe will be the home of some exclusive live-action shows that fans without a subscription will not be able to enjoy.  Between ‘DC’s Titans,’ ‘Doom Patrol,’ and ‘Swamp Thing,’ fans will soon add a slew of new live-action adventure shows to the already long list of live-action shows under the DC umbrella, including the Arrowverse and Black Lightning on the CW and ‘Gotham’ on Fox.

The DC Universe will also “dive into epic animated movies.” The DC animated universe has touted some of the most entertaining films DC has ever produced. From Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, fans who have previously been unable to get a taste of what these animated adventures have to offer will soon get their chance.

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Legendary films, live-action shows, and animated series’ are making their way to the streaming service. But the big news here is that the classic shows will stream in HD for the first time ever.

DC got their start on the pages of comic books and, along with their ground breaking shows and movies coming to the streaming service, members will also have access to a large database of comic books. From the past to the present, fans will be able to catch up with the classic tales to astonish on their phone, tablet, or even their TV screens.

Other DC Universe features include members only merchandise and a social network experience that will allows fans to interact with one another straight from the app.

Be sure to check out the website DCUniverse.com to see the details for yourself! Its beta version will launch in August. You can put your name in the hat as one of the lucky fans who get to test it at the website.

Source: DC Universe


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