‘SUICIDE SQUAD 2’ Writer Reveals Film Will Tell A Deeper Story

The status of Suicide Squad 2 was left up in the air following the news that production on the film had been delayed. But fear not, our friends at Discussing Film have provided us with an update about the film that is sure to get fans excited.

During an interview with Discussing Film, screenwriter Todd Stashwick revealed that the script for Suicide Squad 2 is complete and is being a considered a direct sequel to the first movie. The film will tell a more serious story that will give more depth to the characters. That was an issue in the first movie, with some character being moved to the backburner in favor of Deadshot and Harley Quinn, who were given much more depth.

It appears the screenwriting team, which includes director Gavin O’Connor, is attempting to rectify a few of the issues that plagued Suicide Squad by making it a more character-driven story. Production on the film is expected to begin next fall so it will be sometime before concrete information finds its way onto the web. But did you think we were going to leave you with just that?

maxresdefault (4).jpg

To go along with the information provided by our friends at Discussing Film, our colleague DanielRPK has shared some juicy tidbits about Suicide Squad 2. Let’s start with the premise of the film, it appears the filmmakers are attempting to make a grounded, black ops style film that could find its way to an R rating. That would fit the tonal shift that O’Connor’s team is attempting to make to differentiate their project from its predecessor.

We’ve also learned a large portion of Suicide Squad 2 will take place in the Middle East. Having it set there was originally to help introduce Dwayne Jonhson’s Black Adam into the film. It was reported some time ago that Johnson was set to make his first live-action appearance as the character in Suicide Squad 2. Due to Johnson’s busy schedule, that plan has fallen apart so DC will now use another notable comic name in his place. It’s unclear who that could be but speculate as you will.

What do you think about the direction Warner Bros. is taking Suicide Squad 2? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

Source: Discussing Film


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