VISION To Have Prominent Role In SCARLET WITCH Series

Disney’s streaming service is setting up to be a huge bait for Marvel fans.

Slash Film has recently revealed that Paul Bettany will be playing a prominent role as Vision in the upcoming Scarlet Witch limited series on the new streaming service. Though the series is theoretically about Wanda, having Vision in a bigger role could lead to the further development of their relationship. This immediately brings me to speculate that Marvel could be making moves to allude to the Visions.

The Visions are the family Scarlet Witch and Vision have in the comics. Wanda eventually marries Vision and they (through magic) end up having twin boys. However, she ends up losing her children due to them being a product of her sub-conscious. The story line is one of the strangest in the Marvel universe, but this led to her children being reincarnated as Wiccan and Speed, both prominent members of the Young Avengers.


Though the origin of these Young Avengers members is thoroughly complicated, this series could be a possible tease or set up for the next phase of the MCU. Though Young Avengers is most likely a twinkle in the eyes of fans of the MCU, Marvel has shown its caution towards diverse characters in the LGBTQ community. Despite this, the series seems to be full of potential for more groundbreaking writing and character development for the future of the franchise.

What do you think Vision’s role in the anticipated series will be? Will the MCU bring us Young Avengers sooner rather than later? Tweet at us over on @SuperBroMovies!

Ileana Meléndez

Source: Slash Film

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