‘BLACK WIDOW’ Character Breakdowns Revealed

It was previously revealed that Marvel Studios has decided to slot Black Widow for May 6, 2020. And while this seems a long way out, the studio has already begun work on the film as they are in the early stages of production. In fact, a number of new character breakdowns have been revealed as casting is set to begin.

The guys over That Hashtag Show have been releasing a number of Marvel exclusives the past few weeks and today is no different. They have revealed a number of new casting details for the film. And while nothing concrete is reported it does give us a hint of what to expect when Black Widow hits theaters.

The Main Antagonist

The villain is simply described as “exciting” and the studio is open to ethnicity, but looking for someone in their 40s.

As THS pointed out, it’s possible this could be The Red Guardian, which given this movie will delve into Natasha’s history and her Russian roots it would be the perfect place to introduce that character. But given the ethnicity is open it could mean any number of characters could fill this role. For instance, Taskmaster would in interesting to see on the big screen and would give Black Widow quite the challenge.

2860840-tumblr_mhx9lqgcju1qiknbco1_1280 (1).jpg

Additional Characters

  • The first is a “kick ass” female character described as a “female Bond”.
  • A male with an emphasis on African, Middle Eastern or East Indian actors.
  • A “bookish American” in his late 20s.

These roles could honestly be anyone from the comics as the descriptions are quite vague. It is likely that they could be fellow spies, who could end up being allies or adversaries to Natasha. And it is not known how major or minor each of their roles could be.

Secondary Antagonist

A conniving female villian in her 50s. 

Given the description above it is possible this character could have been a member of the Red Room, the organization that made Natasha into the Black Widow.

Overall, while nothing exact was revealed about who the film will feature it is great to finally get some news about the film. We are hopeful that after Avengers 4 comes out next year we will start to get some news about Marvel’s next slate of films including Black Widow.

Ar you excited to see Natasha in her standalone Black Widow movie? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: THS

Black Widow will hit theaters on May 6, 2020

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