Animated ‘BATMAN BEYOND’ Movie Being Developed By Warner Bros.

Batman Beyond has received praise since it first aired on television many years ago and is some fans favourite animated Batman show. The idea has been floated around by fans for a while to have a movie made about the series but nothing has ever come of it, that is of course until today.

Today the team over at GWW have learned that Warner Bros. is currently working on a Batman Beyond animated movie set for a 2020 release date! This does line up with our own Daniel Ritchman’s report that an animated DC film would be released in 2020. There is also some concept art floating around as you can see here:

The movie is said to be DC’s response to Sony’s Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. As it does in the animated series, the movie is said to follow Terry McGinnis, who takes up the mantle of Batman after Bruce Wayne retires. Thanks again to our own Daniel Ritchman, we’ve learned that Warner Bros. will be targetting an Asian-American actor to voice Terry.

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Source: GWW

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