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‘TITANS’ Season 1 Premiere Review: “A Unique Take On The Teen Titans Makes For An Entertaining Ride”

DC’s Titans has finally hit their streaming service and we are ready to give you our thoughts on the first episode. Expectations were high for DC Universe’s first original series, despite the underwhelming first trailer. Do they do the Teen Titans justice? Not just yet but they will get there. For the first time, we

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‘THE PURGE’ S. 1, Ep. 2: ‘TAKE WHAT’S YOURS’ Review

We all have wondered for years about certain aspects of Purge night that were either partially shown or never shown in the films. The Purge TV event has done a wonderful job of doing that so far. Locked down buildings, boarded up rehab centers, volunteer medical assistants, “game shows”, and a bus full of teens

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