X-men blue #2 review

The second issue in Marvel’s X-men blue series was all about story. While the first issue featured a lot of action. This did not dissapoint as story was lacking with the first issue. We start at the beginning of the issue with young Jean Grey talking to Magneto who said that he pretty much has a change in heart about humans, and that if he were to follow Xavier’s dream of peace, that the humans and mutants would have to coexist and live amongst each other.

This caught Jean Grey off guard as she still knows Magneto as a very dangerous mutant. But the thing that caught me off guard was Magneto then takes off his helmet so that Jean Grey can read his mind and know that he indeed is telling the truth.  What she finds in Magneto’s mind is lots of despair, sorrow, and even anger which goes all the way to when he was a kid stuck in a concentration camp.

So having the leader of the Blue team come to trust Magneto’s change of heart was a wise move on Magneto’s part but then we see Cyclops, Archangel, and Jean Grey fighting Magneto on the next couple of pages. This however was a training simulation and you come to figure out that the Blue team is training to defeat Magneto if he betrays the team or if it comes time for the two to fight. The team then splits up to go find Iceman and Beast who weren’t at the training simulation. Some team members talk to the other team members and then they get an alarm, that sentinels have been found in Barcelona!

The story cuts there and goes to Magneto’s home back on the island where the team is staying as well and he asks his butler robot how the secret project is going. The two go down to the basement amd find essentially a working time machine that Magneto plans to use to send the team back to their original timeline. Does Magneto have a sinister plan? Is he using the team to better his own agenda? Perhaps we will find out with the next couple of issues.

All around it was a book that sets up story, kinda boring compared to the first issue but some books will feature set up for the next books. Fighting sentinels in the next issue will bring some much anticipated action.

Rating 8/10

Jordan Humphrey

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