Ray Park Is Confident The KENOBI Spinoff Will Happen

This past weekend saw the huge event of Comicpalooza being held in Houston, Texas. The event featured some pretty big names, such as Tom Holland, Krysten Ritter, Charlie Cox, and Walton Goggins among many others. One name that was heavily overlooked was that of Ray Park,  the man who wielded the double-bladed lightsaber as Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

Park was in attendance at Comicpalooza, as he signed, greeted, and took pictures with fans. As many fans approached him to talk, he dropped some subtle hints and nods that the long-awaited and rumored Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff is actually happening. One specific fan named David Weiser took to Twitter to talk about his interaction with Park:

Weiser also mentioned that he brought multiple films/shows in which he would love to see Park,  but when he mentioned Kenobi, he leaned over and mentioned how he really thinks (emphasis on REALLY) it’s going to happen. The thing we have to look out for now is if Park is involved in the film itself, especially after the appearances the character has made in the Star Wars Universe. If you wish not to know about Maul’s history after a Phantom Menace, then click away now. You’ve been warned…


The reason Park’s words should usher excitement for fans who are awaiting news regarding the film is due to the character he portrays. Maul, formerly known as Darth Maul, lived his days after Phantom Menace with robotic spider legs before switching to some more practical cybernetic legs. The character has some history with Obi-Wan (as you can imagine) and this leads to them fighting yet again. To Maul’s tragedy, he ends up losing this battle and actually dies for real this time. Although it was seen in Rebels, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be adapted to the big screen. Given some recent developments with the character, we shouldn’t be surprised to see Park reprise his role in the Kenobi spinoff if it were to happen.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see the Obi-Wan Spinoff come to life? Would you like to see Ray Park be a part of it? Let us know over at @SuperBroMovies and in the comments below! –Kenneth Colon

SOURCE: David Weiser


5 thoughts on “Ray Park Is Confident The KENOBI Spinoff Will Happen

  1. Yes I want to see a Kenobi movie. I would like Kenobi to battle Maul in an epic lightsaber fight too.


  2. Nope don’t care to see it. I was excited about it at first. The more I think about it no. I don’t care about a hermit playing in a sandbox while he watches a boy from afar. We will not get the bad ass obiwan movie we want and desire. Who is he going to battle? How is he going to fight? Every person in the Galaxy is either looking to kill the Jedi (Order 66) or turn them in. Obi has decided to go into exile and meditate for 15 to 20 years after episode 3 and simply do nothing other than be babysitter/stalker. In Rebels we find him in his sandbox not looking for attention not wanting to fight. Maul went looking for him, Maul initiated the confrontation. This already happened and that will not get adapted to the big screen Dave Filoni did this already and it won’t be touched or seen on the big screen.

    I am however all for a Maul movie. I’d like to see his rise as a crime boss with a little more Q’ira story! Maybe get a more idea on just how Han went from a glimmer of hope in his eye helping the Rebels to being so betrayed by Q’ira with Maul’s teaching he became the cynic he is in A New Hope.

    Since we are talking future movies… Rated R Boba Fett


  3. Solo would have done better if Hollywood didn’t cram 3 blockbusters in 3 weeks. Now go get Ray Park and Ewan McGregor and make Kenobi! Just don’t release it right next to two other blockbusters in the same 3 weeks.


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