The ‘BREAKING BAD’ Movie Will Be A Sequel Focused On Jesse Pinkman

Just hours after learning of the existence of a Breaking Bad movie, we have plot details. According to /film, the project will follow Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman after the events of the show’s series finale. 

The movie, which is set to begin production later this month in New Mexico, will see Paul reprise his iconic role five years after the series concluded. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is writing and executive producing the movie and could be directing, although that has yet to be confirmed.

If you haven’t finished Breaking Bad, be mindful of spoilers throughout the rest of the article.


In the finale of the critically acclaimed drama, Jesse Pinkman escapes the captivity of a group of Neo-Nazis, with the help of his former business partner Walter White. The final shot of him is driving away, with a look of joy and happiness that hadn’t been seen from him for in quite some time. At that very moment, White succumbs to the injuries he received during the episode and dies.

Many fans saw the ending of the show as a perfect sendoff for Jesse. He was finally allowed to live free after years of heartache and torture, but some felt as if something was missing. Where did Jesse go? Would he get to live a normal life? We thought those answers would never come, but Gilligan has decided that now is the right time to provide them.

Are you excited to see Aaron Paul return as Jesse Pinkman? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

Source: /film

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