Warner Animation Group Is Currently Developing A FUNKO! Movie

Over the past few years, Warner Animation Group has made a name for itself thanks to its LEGO franchise, which includes films such as The Lego Batman Movie and the upcoming The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. It turns out that LEGO will not be the only toy company that the studio wants to use for upcoming projects. According to our very own Daniel Richtman, there is now a Funko! movie being developed by the studio. In addition, certain characters have already been confirmed to appear in the film.


Richtman recently made several tweets in relation to a Funko! movie being greenlit. One of those tweets was a picture of the WAG projects that are currently in development. Not only does the picture reveal projects such as an unknown LEGO movie, an unknown DC project, and film adaptations of The Cat in the Hat and The Jetsons, but it also shows a picture that says Funko! and Funkoville.

Another tweet reveals several of the characters that have been confirmed to appear in the film, including Deadpool, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Darth Vader. Given that the plot synopsis has not been revealed, it is unclear how significant these characters will be in the final product. Perhaps one of these will be as important as Batman is in the LEGO movies, but it is also likely that they will merely serve as cameos in a much larger story.

No directors or writers have been attached to the Funko! movie yet, and at this point, no actors have been considered to play the various confirmed characters. For the time being, Funko! fans can rest assured that their beloved property will receive the big-screen treatment by a studio that has found commercial and critical in making movies based on toy companies.

What do you think about a Funko! movie being currently in development at Warner Animation Group? Be sure to tweet your thoughts at @superbromovies and stay tuned for more Funko! news. – Mark Tan

Source: Twitter


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